Mastering Drip

An advanced course on marketing automation

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Hey guys! I've been working on a video course that lays out *advanced* marketing automation and personalization strategies. There's a lot of advice out there on setting up basic automation (eg 5 day email courses), but little available that goes beyond that. The material that went into this course comes from what I've been doing over the years at, along with on client projects. Lessons include: - Personalizing your website based off who's viewing (what they've read/consumed, what they've told you, what they've bought) - Creating "at-your-own-pace" email courses that end with evergreen and personalized pitch sequences. - Integrating your email marketing with tools like Mixpanel. and more. Already, more than 150 people have joined the course, and we're just getting started. Happy to answer any questions you've got for me :-)
@brennandunn Awesome stuff man. The more quality material freelancers have, the better.
I went through most of this course in the last month and learned a *ton* about automated marketing techniques I would not have thought to touch without this. Been super helpful with client projects, as well as with our move to using Drip for Notable Themes.
This is the MUST-HAVE course for automation and funnel geeks such as myself! The powerful automation tactics Brennan teaches in this course have already helped me make more money. I highly recommend it!
I moved over to Drip a few months ago, and this course has been *key* for setting up Drip (I had about 2,000 subscribers when I made the move). It has also been extremely useful as I rewrote a free course that I'm directly most of my new subscribers to now. *Excellent* investment already.
Wanted to master marketing automation for quite a while. Since my angle is to always learn a new skill from someone that is actually doing it on a daily basis, I found Brennan's course. (I enrolled when this wasn't even a course :)) It is definitely my secret weapon for 2017. Check it out!