Mastering Business Email

Don’t let unprofessional emails cost you business

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Hi Product Hunt! I wrote this book because many of my friends, colleagues, and clients were intimidated by email even though it was a huge part of their jobs. I could see signs of imposter syndrome in my freelancer and consultant friends who work with big clients expecting very professional, polished communications. And they had trouble writing difficult emails in scenarios that come up pretty often: turning down work, owning up to a mistake, or requesting a client testimonial after an engagement. So I wrote Mastering Business Email, which is a package—a book, a quick reference guide, and email templates for common scenarios—to help them write better, more professional emails and keep imposter syndrome at bay. I bet it can help you too ;) Any questions for me? Ask away! Product Hunters can use the offer code producthunt1 to get 30% off!
I used one of the templates in this book to politely turn down work I wasn't currently interested in doing, without severing my relationship with my client. I've now cleared my schedule of unwanted work and can get back to focusing on what's important to me. Best of all, all of my clients responded very politely, so I don't think I've burnt any bridges. Cheers, Josh!
@iamashley That's so good to hear! I have been pleasantly surprised how popular the templates are. It seems like people really like them. Thanks for sharing :) EDIT: I added a screenshot of the "declining work" template in the "media" section. Seems like a lot of people really like that template, so why not share it? Cheers!
Helping freelancers level-up their e-mail game is sure to keep clients happy, and I'm with Ashley in that I've used the "turning down work" template to make MYSELF happy. But, I have a few clients who could stand to be better e-mail communicators, themselves. Would MBE be an appropriate resource for me to recommend to my own clients?
@chris_hawk Oh yes, you can definitely recommend it for your clients! The book and quick reference guide are written for anyone who lives in their inbox to do business. The email templates are very useful for individuals—freelancers and consultants—but your clients could use the "project status call follow-up" template as-is for their own projects. I desigined the package to be equally useful for individuals and large teams (I'm assuming your clients often work in teams), and that's why I include the presentation—it helps faciliate team discussions. When team members level-up their email game, the whole team benefits. TL;DR—You can definitely recommend it to your clients :)