Mastercard Send

Makes sending & receiving money faster, easier & more secure

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"MasterCard Send™ is a first-of-its-kind, global personal payments platform that’s breaking down network barriers by facilitating secure payment transactions through a single connection. MasterCard Send enables funds to be sent and received typically within seconds – far superior to existing solutions that either limit transfers within a closed-loop network or that involve ACH which can take several days for funds to be received."
Jeez, that landing page and copy are absolutely awful. Is this only for existing Mastercard customers?
@taykcrane i totally agree. i was looking for a good tagline that really nailed what the product does, and i really couldn't find anything. they have a semi-decent explainer video on youtube, but even then it's not really great at explaining the benefits. to answer your question though, i believe it works for customers and non-customers as well. in fact, they talk about how you can even send money to unbanked customers in developing countries.
Mastercard Blockchain Patent published allows the company to store different transaction information to be stored in a single blockchain.