Master Your Mac

Easy, Email-based Training to Put Your Computer to Work

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New product from Brett Kelly, the creator of Evernote Essentials. This is a weekly series to help you master your Mac. We've all seen people valiantly flying through their machine, hands only on they keyboard, switching apps and bringing up new ones, while ripping through those apps with complete efficiency. This is from one of those guys, who's awesome at teaching, and proven to be funny and engaging while he's at it. I'm fascinated by the business model. Instead of an ebook, or a course, it's merely a weekly newsletter that solves a problem for $5/month. Which, when you think about it, all you need is one tip a month that saves you 3 minutes a day and it's easily worth it. I signed up because I love this sort of thing and I'd be super stoked to just get a small tip or idea or behind-the-scenes look at how Brett does his thing every day. And I'd buy a $5 coffee without thinking, so how can I say no to this :)