Master Sublime Text 3

Course that believes your coding time is valuable.

All of us using Sublime Text 3 for work might want to take a look at this course. , Videos seems to have excellent content quality if you are into speeding up for coding time. Created by the one & only product man: @scrivs.
@mbavio Wow, thanks for posting this. Why did I create this course? Well I think that when we have to learn a new app like Xcode or Sketch, we spend time getting to know it. We understand that the faster we can get stuff done with keyboard shortcuts and other tricks, the better off we will be. Unfortunately we don't have that mentality with text editors because they can be so simple to use (I'm ignoring emacs and vi here). Just open them up and start typing! However, you really can shave off hours of dev time on a project if you could just keep your fingers on the keyboard and avoid having to always go back to your mouse or the sidebar. I've found that I am much more happier when I can just focus on the code and Sublime Text gets out of the way. I think that's something we all want with the tools that we use. It does take some practice and forcing yourself to learn some key bindings, but that time invested is well worth it due to the amount of time you save in the long term.