Master of Letters Podcast

Learn what others are doing to drive traffic to their site

Master of Letters is a podcast by Missinglettr. Each week we interview CEOs, marketers and consultants - asking them to share the tactics and activities that are driving traffic to their sites. Learn what’s working for others right now so that you can grow your own business.

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Hi, Ben here from Missinglettr. We launched the Master of Letters podcast to help surface ideas, tactics and lessons around what people are doing to drive traffic to their sites. Each episode sees us interview a CEO, marketer or consultant where we ask them two key questions: 1) What are you doing today to drive traffic to your site(s) and 2) What do you do with your visitors once they land on your site to engage or convert them? These questions are designed to provide actionable, real-life examples for our listeners whilst also being broad enough so that you can answer the question in your own way, based on your experience and where you are as a business. We pre-recorded 8 episodes before we published the first one. By that time though, we realised that we needed the episodes to be tighter and more to the point (AKA those two questions above). Up until episode 8, the interviews are a little broader. Still really interesting, but less direct. If you subscribe I'd love to know what you guys think after episode 8 has aired. We hope you like what we've put together here. I'm happy to answer any questions. Finally, if you'd like to be interviewed on the podcast, please head to and follow the link. Thanks 🙌
@bendell Very cool :) If you had to recommend one specific episode for people to start with, which one would it be?
@daviswbaer Hey Davis. Right now we only have two episodes :) Many more to come and we have some great ones booked in. I personally loved how niche the Sharpologist story was. Goes to show that a decent amount of revenue can be generated in small, focused niches. As an aside - it looks like Hallway is early stage, but if you'd like to be interviewed, I'd love to talk about what you're doing right now to generate interest. I'm sure there's a bunch of people in your situation that could learn a few things.
@bendell send me a DM on Twitter :)
As a long time Missinglettr customers, I love the idea of listening stories from other users and their business model and way to market :)
@stefanothinking Awesome thanks Stefano. We have some great interviews lined up. Can't wait to share them.
Love the product, but not sure why this is needed though, I never have time to listen to podcasts :-/
@frigjord Hey Mikael. Thanks for the kind words about Missinglettr. Sorry to hear the podcast isn't for you though. Appreciate the honesty.
@frigjord I listen while I do my daily exercise...the ole killing 2 birds with one stone approach :-)
@frigjord I listen whilst making a meal or out running/walking or in the car, always a time to listen to podcasts :) education on the run! :)
@theoutlaw Not a bad idea, I'm kind of tired of listening to music at the gym anyway :-)
Congrats on your new podcast & love the concept!
Good looking landing page. Like it.