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PH has been great to a lot of the app company's I've worked with, and as such I'd like to offer a 1-day coupon for 20% off the course. Use promo code PH20.
Would love to get @nick_eubanks in here to discuss how/why Keyword research matters for product peeps.
@BlendahTom Thanks Tom. The easiest way to make the point as to why keyword research is so crucial for product and app developers can be summed up pretty easily; Think of every possible answer to this question: what are the problems my product/service solves?
Thought I might be able to add some additional insight here: When I went through the course the biggest thing that stood out to me was Nick's ability to provide comprehensive info, explain it in a friendly/understandable way, and still maintain his trademark to-the-point business tone about it all. Highly recommended.
I would be curious to know how many hours this course takes to complete.
@dylanjha Hey Dylan - The lessons vary in length and difficulty, but I'd say on average the first time through it's probably 10-12 hours. It's designed to be repeatable and a lot of it will start to come more easily as it's repeated (like playing an instrument).
@nick_eubanks are you thinking about exploring app store optimization? I know that's much more locked down, but curious. I be interested in that
@VivekMGeorge Absolutely, in fact one of the tools that I demo in the process actually scrape's the App Store for suggested searches. Funny thing about the App Store is the optimization methods that worked in Google in the 90's still seem to work in Apple indexes..
@nick_eubanks very interesting! One suggestion - might want to make that clearer on your site that you provide some context around APO. Thanks for replying
@VivekMGeorge That's a good point and probably worth a full piece of content on it's own. The process here is much more focused on finding low competition and high profit terms, and then developing an understanding on what to target now, in 3 months, 6 months, and long-term. Thanks so much for the content and the feedback!
@VivekMGeorge @nick_eubanks I'd like to add a bit to this conversation. Optimizing your website and app store listing with the appropriate keywords is obviously very important. It can go further than that though. Knowing the keywords to use in comments on your Product Hunt listing (my favorite app store), or in tweets or anywhere else online can make sure you gain optimal visibility for your product.
@VivekMGeorge @anthonydnelson That's a great point Anthony - thanks!