Master Body Language

Body Language for Entrepreneurs Course

Hey everyone, happy to answer any questions you might have. I love talking body language and nonverbal tips and tricks. Basically you can use these body language tips in the work environment, social situations or romance--but this course is focused on how body language can help entrepreneurs. We talk about negotiations, networking, pitching and partnering. By the end of the course you will have a toolbox of skills you can use in whatever situation you go into. We’re in the process of adding three more lessons, as well: more on sales and lie detection. It’s online-based, and we also have some PDFs and bonus videos you can use. Happy to make it 70% off for the Product Hunt community. Enjoy it!
@vvanedwards What is the password for the discount? looks great!
@jmj @vvanedwards Hi Jeff, I believe if you follow the URL the coupon is automatically applied.
@vvanedwards purchased! I think behavioral economics and body language is fascinating, so I'm stoked to take this. Q for you: for product hunters who are building communities and want to seem open and approachable, what would you recommend that they remember w/ regards to their body language?
@preetnation @vvanedwards Awesome! For product hunters who are building their own communities i would recommend a few things. 1) when possible use videos as it really helps people connect with you 2) use confident nonverbal in your videos: Hope that helps a bit!
@vvanedwards sweet. excited to take this
I asked Vanessa to share a promotion for Product Hunt, there is a 70% discount only for product hunters. I took the course and found Vanessa extremely entertaining and was actually blown away at the things I learned. Since I took, I've been telling everyone they should take it. I'll try and get her on here for some comments and to answer some questions. @vvanedwards
Looks cool, definitley more products in this space needed
Anyone tried it?
@jongold Yes. It's awesome. I love her work.
We've had Vanessa come in to help our startups at PIE in preparation for Demo Day. Always hugely helpful.
@turoczy Thanks Rick! Love working with the PIE groups. Cheers!