Make & receive calls with both your personal & work number

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Great video overview:
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Thanks Ryan. Let me know if anyone has questions about Mast!
Hi Product Hunters, Thank you for up-voting Mast! Mast is a new type of communication platform designed for how we live and work today. Two numbers on one phone, and you just use the phone as you used to. We’ve solved the two-phone headache for everyone who has ever had to carry around two phones, worried about privacy, or wondered why they can’t get their work and personal calls on one device. Businesses want to create flexible, collaborate workspaces that make teams productive and we provide them the right communication tools for this environment - and we save them money by allowing them to get rid of their desk phones and legacy services. Our team spent the last two years building Mast because we knew communications could be so much simpler and so much more than a connection between two pieces of hardware. We asked ourselves: - Why should anyone have more than one work number (no one we know has more than one work email)? - Why can a mobile phone only have one number? We decided it was time to create something more flexible for people on the go. Our goal was to balance the needs of individuals - simplicity, flexibility and privacy - with the needs of businesses - efficiency, control and security. We hope you will get in touch at and give it a try for yourself.
You should have mentioned pricing and how it works. There are many VOIP applications such as Convoi/fongo etc or GrassHopper that gives you an extra number. How is it different ?
@haseeb Thanks for the feedback. We'll be updating our website to include pricing information shortly. The magic of Mast is that it's not just another VoIP app. Mast enables you to use two phone numbers on one device — natively. You use the built-in Phone and Messages apps on your phone as you normally would, and Mast automatically switches between your Work and Personal numbers based on whom you're contacting.
@franktisellano is your two numbers solution open to non businesses? i.e. people who just have two numbers?
@zee @haseeb Hi Zee, we'll be offering a version of the product to individuals who have two numbers in the next two months. We'll keep you posted if you're interested.
Looks awesome @davidrjm. Would love to know more about how it works, and pricing. Also is it US only? Or will it work in Canada?
@alexputici thanks for the feedback! It is for people based in US currently (w/ very competitive international dialing/roaming rates), we will expand next year. We're able to create these user experiences because we are deeply integrated into the mobile network, which means the user can use their iPhone normally and we hide all the technology in the network layer. Pricing is $30/mth per employee for software and then we have competitive plans with u/l talk & text and 1-10G data, and device rentals starting at $30/mth for iPhone 6. We're offering some early bird discounts on the software licenses for product hunters.
@davidrjm Awesome. I'd love to know more. Do you think pricing will be similar in Canada? Feel free to reach out. Love to chat.