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Massively just launched their bot development platform. We've been playing around with it since they demo'd it at the last Bot meetup we held in Toronto ( They've deployed some really interesting narrative bots on Kik - for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Insidious 3 and the Indianapolis Colts. You can check out the platform @
@robjama agree with what was said here 👆
The idea is interesting but with no demo whatsoever, it's difficult to evaluate the result...
@matthieubaldy Check out - for the platform. You can also chat with Mikey from the ninja turtles on kik (sounds weird saying that). He's featured on the bot shop or you can add him as a friend (mkey.partydude) 🐢
@robjama Looks interesting
@matthieubaldy The demos are in the case studies
@mlsj1 @matthieubaldy Hey! There are a number of video case studies on If you'd like to chat, you can play our Insidious: Chapter 3 chat here: And a number of our bots are currently live on Kik, including our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles bot, which is currently featured in the Kik Bot Shop:
Thanks for the replies guys! I just saw the demo with Mikey from the TMNT and the techno looks promising!
great resource -- thanks for the product