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At MASSE, we believe the best way to find a product is to ask the people we trust. Looking for that perfect something? Imagine searching and only seeing results recommended by people like you.

MASSE makes it easy to share and shop recommendations with friends. No paid-for posts or sponsored content. Just a community of shoppers you can trust.

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Lizzy Brockhoff
Co-Founder of MASSE,
Hi PH! My co-founder, Elizabeth and I recently launched MASSE. It's a new app that makes it easy to share and shop product recommendations with the people you trust the most: your friends and family. The story behind MASSE is that Elizabeth and I have been friends and colleagues for over 6 years. Most recently we where the 1st and 2nd product managers at Through our work in e-commerce, we have become aware of how overwhelmed consumers are with the amount of choice online. We also watched this being compounded by an emerging consumer skepticism of traditional sources of guidance, but the problem became very real for us when we both fell pregnant and had our two daughters one day apart! Preparing to become moms meant putting together our baby registries. We were both so overwhelmed with the amount of content online, that we ended up doing what countless expecting moms do, we asked our friends and family for help. This was when we discovered the phenomenon of the “baby list” – giant excel spreadsheets of product recommendations that moms are sharing with their friends. As product managers and problem solvers, we both thought to each other “there has to be a better way”. With that, we started brainstorming the idea behind MASSE during our maternity leave, and left our full-time jobs shortly after to pursue the idea full time. At MASSE, we make it easy to share and shop product recommendations with your friends. No paid-for posts or sponsored content. Just a community of shoppers you can trust. We hope you'll join us on MASSE.

Simple concept. People like you has gone through extensive research to find the products they need and use. You’re tapping to them instead of the retailer trying to up sell you stuff.


Easy to use. Realiable and trustworthy recommendations


Nothing glaring yet

Sankeerth Julapally*A serial entrepreneur *Startup founder
hey the product looks cool,how are you trying to monetize it??
Dave LegionTax Slayer
Congratulations on your launch Lizzy - I guess my question is how will MASSE be a guaranteed community of shoppers we can trust ?
Casey DonahueJust trying to fix the E-commerce world.
Hi Lizzy, how will users be able to find products? Do we search MASSE for a category we are interested in, like "vacuum"? Or do we search a specific product.