Mass Twitter User Data & Email Export

Like the title says - It's not fancy, but it works.

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Greg Gascon
Greg GasconMaker@ggascon · Python (Flask) Developer
Like many marketers, I have a small budget. And, as a marketer with a small budget I typically end up making my own tools to complete my work. This is a tool that I’ve used to generate hundreds of targeted leads for free. It’s an Apps Script extended Google Sheet file that offers you the ability to mass export the usernames, names, websites and email addresses (if the user has a website) of the Twitter followers of any Twitter user. This is nowhere near a polished web app or service. To use it, you even have to input your own Twitter API keys (but don’t worry, these are easy to get). And, as an extension for a Google Sheet, this tool is entirely functional. It doesn’t do much, but what it does do, it does well. Since you are exporting the followers of a specific user, the users that are exported are highly targeted. Want to generate leads for athletic wear? Export the users of an athlete or even your competitors Twitter account and you’ll have a list of people who are highly interested in your service or product. This tool goes great with a mail merge tool, especially one that is already integration with the Google Suite, such as this one: Of course, updates will come regularly.