Mason Canvas

Break free from rigid UI templates

We’re excited to share the latest from Mason—introducing Mason Canvas, a limitless whitespace environment that lets you build fully-functional front-end experiences visually, link them, then deploy it all live with a click—no code required.

Harry Tucker
  • Harry Tucker
    Harry TuckerFounder Drops Media. Trying to fix news.

    The platform from the outside actually looks really awesome, flow seems easy to get into, like a more advanced Bubble for front end


    No idea about pricing, export, design language, how it's hosted

    Tried to give you guys a go a couple weeks ago, but like others said, the lack of immediate trial and pricing is absolutely killer. I don't have time to jump on a call with a sales person to try and convince me to use your product.

    Most creators and startups don't either. Why launch on Product Hunt if people can't try your product out now?

    I even told your sales person that I wasn't interested in a call, gave my team size and requested a price and was told I still needed to go on a call.

    I know your rational is because you want to offer custom pricing for everyone's individual needs. But most SaaS providers offer basic pricing and then custom option for that crowd for a reason.

    Harry Tucker has used this product for one day.
Hi Product Hunt! I am super excited to be sharing Mason Canvas with everyone today. At Mason, we think there’s a fundamentally better way to build software on the front-end. We’re breaking apart the front-end into discretely functional building blocks that can be assembled to create powerful front-end experiences in products. Mason features are built to live within your codebase. Mason Canvas allows anyone to build completely custom front-end features designed to work today without any coding. Drag and drop elements together inside our builder, design them, connect them to your APIs, and publish— it's that simple! Mason is your front-end as a service. We can't wait to see what you start building today! Questions? Happy to answer in the comments below!
This looks extremely promising, really, I can definitely see how Mason could give us a better design to code workflow. But like last time, no immediate access to the product is a bit light for a PH launch, I don't like to upvote landing pages
@hypervillain Hey Hugo - we don’t do an open self serve flow yet but would love to connect and get your team on immediately. Shoot me an email - and we’d love to show you around and get you started!
@hypervillain Hey Hugo–while we haven't completely opened the platform to everyone just yet, we are setting up access for everyone that is interested in using Mason! We'll be reaching out to you within the next few days to set up a brief demo and your Mason account to start building.
@simongu awesome! I can't wait to try it out
Custom pricing = Creepy even for asking
Hey @jasonpeck How does this differ from other UI template bundles out there? Please tell us more!