Mason 2.0

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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 12, 2019

Today we're so excited to share Mason 2.0, now free and open to use.

Mason is a front-end feature-building platform for modern product teams. Create beautiful front-end features for your app in one place, together. Then embed those features seamlessly into your existing codebase, drastically shortening development and deployment cycles.

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Hey Product Hunt! We are so excited to open up Mason to the world, and what better audience to kick it off than all of you :) We previously launched about six months ago on a waitlist-only basis, but today, we’re opening Mason up. Anyone with an email address can register and get started—free. Every day, engineers write the exact same front-end software. Authentication suites, content feeds, user profiles, dashboards—they’re virtually identical, minus unique data and styling. Mason consolidates these fundamental web building blocks. It’s like AWS for the front-end, and we call it Front-end-as-a-Service. Mason users can make production-quality front-end software features that look and function as handwritten code. Features live in your existing codebase, among and alongside the rest of your code and can be extended to fit your custom data handling requirements. Building with Mason means never again reinventing the solutions to solved software problems and it points toward the next giant leap forward in frontend software abstraction - a world where frontend engineers can move faster because the rest of the organization can suddenly become much more technical. We couldn't be more thrilled to have you join us. Questions? Hit us up in the comments. We can’t wait to see what you build! PS - fun fact: about 60% of what you see in Mason is actually built and powered by Mason! We hope you think of us when you think of production software, not just prototypes anymore 😉
@thomasmclaughlin Congrats on the launch guys. Love the website btw, communicates well the value prop. D
@okuiux Thanks so much David! Tried to focus on value and functionality with the latest website iteration, glad it is coming through!
@thomasmclaughlin I would highlight the "Front-end-as-a-Service" aspect of the product as the first value prop (i.e. the first section of the landing page). Quickly glancing at this and scrolling around, I thought this was almost identical to Figma, but it's actually quite different.
@thomasmclaughlin Awesome software Thomas. Are we able to do A/B testing too?
Looks awesome! @thomasmclaughlin Question about the "Feed" solution: You write "Mason Feed works by connecting a data source to a configurable UI. Mason abstracts away all the front-end logic and has engineering best practices built in." Can it connect to any API? I'm interested in using it with Airtable :) Question about the "Canvas" solution: Can it also pull data from a backend (i.e. Airtable again) or is that only possible with the feed? I'll sign up and try it later today, would just love to know in advance!
@anna_0x Thanks for checking us out! tl;dr - yes and yes Our vision for Mason is that frontend developers never need to rewrite secure fetch logic to grab data from an API for repeated content (feeds) or for standalone content. We work with any API that can send/receive JSON data (including Airtable). All you do is add your Airtable endpoint in your project as a data source, and then you can use data from that endpoint in anything you build on Mason. We make the connectivity and visual mapping super easy. It's just like writing custom HTML in code - any element you build with can be just static data, or it can be driven by custom data from an API. We wrote up a section in Mason Academy walking you through data mapping in Mason - find it anytime in your account at in Section 3 - "Connect Your Data source". Reach out when you get going - we're excited to see what you build!
It has Auth... Going to check this out <3
@helloromero Can't wait to hear how it goes! Let me know if we can help you get started
Loving it!! Definitely going to give it a try 😄
Just curious, would you consider supporting imports from external tools like sketch? Designers have all their design system in there and might not want to duplicate all the styling everytime.
@mirceariccifaca Absolutely. Our focus is on making design implementation dead simple - but we think you should still create the designs in your favorite design tools. We have Sketch, Figma and XD automatic imports on the short term roadmap!