Masmic 2.0

A blockchain-based social marketplace for user attention

Masmic creates win-win situation for advertisers and end users. Advertisers pay much less, and end users earn real money.
The platform uses crypto for payment because it allows for global instant micro-transactions and trustless incentive distribution.
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29 Reviews5.0/5
Hi PH community👋, very happy to launch Masmic 2.0 here and looking forward to your honest feedback. Masmic is now a 30k+ member community and growing rapidly. We believe that the current digital ad model is broken - i) Advertisers pay a lot and users get nothing - lose-lose for both 😠 ii) Ads are distraction to core user experience - e.g. social media ads - very low conversion rate 😓 iii) Non-transparent nature of ads iv) Users are the product and their incentives are not aligned with platform How Masmic is going to solve this problem? i) Advertisers pay lot less and get access to willing user attention 🚀 ii) Users are no longer just the product. They are major beneficiaries of ad spending and they monetise their attention in an easy manner. iii) Bounties/Q&A ads are part of core user experience - high conversion rate. iv) Instant access to the user attention of entire Masmic active community for a little cost. v) Q&A based ad can be used for diverse purposes - driving website traffic/signups, product feedback, crowdsourced social media marketing, any e-task etc. 🤙 vi) Transparent interaction between advertisers and users. Do you want to see for yourself how this actually works out in practice? We have a Special Offer for PH members ❤️: Get your product promoted on Masmic for free, in front of 10k+ global audience. We'll sponsor a bounty for you worth $1. 💪 Just share your startup name, website link and a one liner about your startup. We'll ask for first impression/feedback of your website. If you want to ask a specific question, you can also suggest the same. You can get an idea by visiting the website.
A great way to interact with users whom you pay for honest advice, review, doubts and much more. A better approach than advertising.
@paritosh_yadav Thanks Paritosh. Very aptly put! 🤙
This feels simple, yet beautiful ! Will be looking forward to this Masmic.
@msd Thanks Mayank. We welcome you to Masmic! :)
Very intriguing - when are you launching the app for iOS? Already looking forward.
@arjunahuja1 Thanks Arjun! We're planning to launch both Android/iOS apps in a few months.
Exellent. Thank masmic😍
@mahdiyeh6432 Thanks Mahdiyeh 🤗