Subscribe to any web service without exposing your email.

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Well how effective is it..? I can safely buy my own domain and forward the mails myself. In Under $12 i can register a .com domain (Google Domains) and use their inbuilt email forwarders (As many as i like).
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@h_halvi The speed in which you can create an alias with maskbot is astonishing. Nothing technical. anyone can protect their email using it.
I love this concept, but what happens if / when maskbot goes out of business? I had this problem with otherinbox (a similar service) when they closed doors. Ended creating my own tool like this:
I use for fake signups. What's the main advantage of Maskbot compared to Mailinator or similar?
@johntheoak The main difference between them is the ease of use and the ability to reply anonymously. Keep your email address protected the entire time. and It's compatible with all email systems.
Maskbot makes it easy to subscribe to web services of any kind without needing to submit and exposing your official email. Maskbot works by allowing you to create as many "alias" emails as you want that you can use to test and subscribe to new services , which will forward all messages to your main email account. This facilitates spam protection, easy unsubscribing from any service, replying to email messages anonymously and a greater peace of mind when it comes to privacy protection. The service costs $5/month.
@kwdinc I don't see how this is a better solution than creating a throwaway gmail account for free.
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@irawilley @kwdinc When you're signing up to multiple websites you'll want an easy solution like maskbot. Creating new email accounts every single time is time consuming. Try maskbot for a month and you'll see the difference. A simple solution to a huge problem.
Why don't just create a new email address and use it along with your email address in Gmail or any other email service you use ?
@haseeb Creating multiple email addresses doesn't solve the problem entirely. It's just easier to create a quick maskbot alias and forget about it. It's so easy and useful. It solves my problems at least. I don't worry about email. not any more ;-)