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Can adblockers block your script?
@guyking That's my main concern. Shouldn't it be server side? And in that case, hard to detect adblockers... Waiting for the answer too 😃
@nathanaelkhodl @guyking In the product video it says it stops adblockers.
@nathanaelkhodl @guyking Adblock can easily block this script.
@guyking Of course. But the % of people that will circumvent this is very low and potentially has 0 impact on real possible revenue. The point of this tool does not seem to be a 100% failsafe solution, but more of friction less way to get users to pay for your content.
@vallieres @guyking Exactly, we wanted to launch with the easiest to implement solution. As we grow our network and the blocking of the Mask script becomes a problem, then we will offer new ways for our users to implement Mask.
I’m excited to announce Mask, a project Jordan and I have been working on for a while now. We saw a problem with current monetization strategies on the web: no one wants to see ads. Unfortunately, this leaves leave companies producing awesome content out of a lot of revenue. We’re hoping Mask solves this problem. Let us know what you think!
@itsjaked Congratulations, looks like a solid idea and platform, I can use huge potentials for it. I think marketing and making sure ad blockers don't get on your case would be your biggest barriers when starting out. Try to reachout to bloggers at first. Good luck guys, love it!
@dilyaraskar Thanks! We'll be working hard to do just that.
Slick front page and video
Congrats Jake & Jordan