Compare + buy financial products in SE Asia

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Max Meyer
Max MeyerMaker@maxatgetmii · Co-founder @Getmii @Masii
Hey guys. We live in Thailand where there is almost 0 transparency on prices for insurance, credit cards, mobile phone plans - for locals and expats. Price crawlers don't work here, because the banks and insurers don't themselves put accurate prices on their sites. We worked for months to build deep integrations to the sellers, so unlike the other sites out there, our prices are actually real (and not just clickbait for a call center). Still some work to do, but for a passion project, we're excited to now have the highest traffic in Thailand (315k according to SimilarWeb) and are getting requests to grow into SE Asia. We love our PH friends, many of whom are stateside, and hope we can get your feedback and love on our baby here. Thanks :) P.S. Do you ever feel like everytime you screenshot your app/mobile site your battery is like 20%? :>p
Matthias Jürgens
Matthias JürgensMaker@elpereon · co-founder @ masii and @ getmii
And to give even more benefits to our users we recently launched the mobile phone plane comparison. We think this actually is a very helpful section since it has not been easy to compare these products until now. Have fun and find the best offers on masii.
Max Meyer
Max MeyerMaker@maxatgetmii · Co-founder @Getmii @Masii
@elpereon So true. Mobile phone plans in SE Asia are changing almost daily, and the offerings are almost intentionally deceptive. I'll admit, the mobile plan comparison is the part of the site I use the most - but I'm obvs biased :p
ryan kulp
ryan kulp@ryanckulp · retired
Congrats Max + team! Would have put this to good use during my long stay in Thailand last Fall.
Max Meyer
Max MeyerMaker@maxatgetmii · Co-founder @Getmii @Masii
@ryanckulp Thanks, Ryan! We're big fans of your many projects - team loved the FOMO video :)
Margaretta Colangelo
Margaretta Colangelo@realmargaretta · Managing Partner Deep Knowledge Ventures
This is a really good website.
Max Meyer
Max MeyerMaker@maxatgetmii · Co-founder @Getmii @Masii
@realmargaretta Thank you for the feedback. We're constantly working on optimizing, and have been really thrilled by the user response so far.
Oskar Szrajer
Oskar Szrajer@oskarszrajer · co-owner of Ragnarson
Congrats, up voted. Hope it will be number one in Asia one day ;]