Mashape Analytics

Real-time analytics for APIs and microservices

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Hey all! One of the people behind Mashape. We released Analytics (beta) since we never found a powerful tool (but simple to use) for visualizing API traffic and inspect logs in details. We wanted a "Mixpanel" for APIs, so we built it ourself. There are many logging tools like Splunk but they are hard to use, expensive and too generic; there are good monitoring and testing tools but they lack the visualization part and other functionalities, there are also API management full-pack solutions but they are too heavyweight as API analytics is just one of their features. We felt the need for building a developer-friendly, analytics platform focused on just APIs. Lmk if I can answer any questions!
@sinzone Looks cool! Your site doesn't tell me how setting it up works though and since my repo isn't on GitHub, I'm confused by your GitHub login. How do you set this up?
Hi @miles_matthias - 1) signup using regular email or GH account. 2) Once you are in, you can send mock data and play with some features instantly 3) when you're ready to go all in ;) you can use the OSS proxy or download one of our agents to track the API traffic (doc for proxy or agents: 4) Go back to web app to create custom reports, add filters, inspect logs, compare requests.
@sinzone Thanks for the instructions. Your link to documentation returns a 403. Can you update it?
@sinzone works for me too!
congrats aghi and marco! this looks awesome
Just added to my collection "Italian product" ;)
Visualize, Monitor and Inspect APIs and Microservices performance in real-time
@erictwillis small note: if you guys land on the product from PH link you will see that we've put a 50% lifetime discount for the ProductHunt community. Analytics has a free plan but if you need more power might come in handy.