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@rrhoover Be cool to see what else people make with the API.
Great work with the new API. Love the "search" functionality. With the Marvel multiverses merging/colliding there are so many intricacies to the plot and finding where everyone is appearing is not easy.
@jamesoclark Thank you James, I appreciate you checking it out.
Brilliant. This got me very excited yesterday. Geeks unite!
Very nice! I wonder if you can add some social aspects to the search.
Nice! I'm very curious if this is a company or just a dev messing around with the new API. Wondering how they're getting around the rate limit (about 1,000/service/day), and how this will hold up against PH traffic...
@avoision Just a dev messing around with the API :) To get around the rate limit, I downloaded everything to my db, that way its a lot faster and also no rate limit.