Stop losing money on Discount Campaigns

πŸ”Ά MARS enables marketers to send a fine-tuned discount to each customer 🎟 to boost conversions from a budget πŸ’°, it uses AI to learn & adapt it's discount strategy based on the customers' behavior.
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Huge fan of using data to make marketing/ sales 10x smarter and efficient. Also love the incredible people behind this! All the best.
@apurv_agrawal Thanks Apurv. We are going after a niche and kind of neglected use case within marketing wherein we optimize offers/discounts for each user from a given campaign budget. This approach also allows us to apply AI to a narrow/well defined task so the accuracy/performance is way higher when benchmarked with other methods.
Hey PHers πŸ‘‹, We all have received discounts 🎟 which are some times relevant but most times irrelevant/not enticing enough. This is because Ecommerce growth teams have to manually sift through numerous data points being captured for a user to understand what’s the least discount that can be given which will make them convert. We realised the opportunity to enable ecommerce growth teams deliver relevant Discount Experiences at Scale and allocate their marketing budget more efficiently to boost conversions from the same marketing budget. Today, we are launching MARS - A Budget driven Discount Optimisation platform to drive conversions by sending just enough discount to each user. Ecommerce growth teams can now add a budget and a list of offers for a campaign audience and MARS will begin to recommend the right offer for each user based on their past and current behaviour. The growth goals you can achieve with MARS today: - Reduce Cart Abandonment - Increase the number of Repeat Orders - Increase Activation of New Users - Increase Retention of Loyal Users Please don't hesitate to post your questions and comments. We'll be around for the next couple of hours(or more if things go great πŸ˜‰) and are more than happy to answer them all! Cheers πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
This looks like a neat idea. How do I use with my Shopify store? Is there an implementation guide available?
@andrei_negrau Hi Andrei! We support API based integration today - One-click Shopify integration is on the way.
@prateek_gupta8 Awesome. Which data points are you looking at to provide the personalized discounts?
@andrei_negrau We use User Behavior in form of events captured on the e-commerce apps/stores
Aamazing idea and great team to rely upon.
This sounds amazing. A real pain point while trying to squeeze every dollar of marketing spend. Can't wait to try my hands on it! :)
@kumpawat Thank you! We look forward to learning richer use cases with your usage of MARS πŸ™ŒπŸΌ