The world’s first portable cinema available at $600

Mars is the world's first portable cinema with theater-grade picture and sound.

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Looks interesting, but are you sure in the words "world's first"? Because I know Cinemood and they have, as I think, the similar product.
@godplease4 "with theater grade" they said. Still Xgimi H1 is a good alternative.
It is made by Harman International and I am am buying it!
@n_events JBL speakers inside is from Harman. Not this device.
Does it allow to watch movie in FullHD?
@serj8846 no, false or very misleading advertising. Despite being advertised as "4K supported", it is still just a 1280x800 projector, which means it is displaying only roughly 1/8th of the actual image information contained in a 4K video and roughly half of the information of a FullHD image. 👎 If I hook up a 4K streaming device (e.g. Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV etc.) to an old tube television I could technically also call it "4K supported".
Who else is here from @rrhoover's Snapchat 🤔
Looks slick, but that family watches WAY too much TV.