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Startup domains for less than $10k with payment plans

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Ben Tossell
@bentossell · Community Lead, Product Hunt
Pretty retro looking site! (on purpose? - I hope) I mean... I never would consider paying $10k for a domain name for a startup... (at least initially) These all seem to be fairly expensive... and also no offering to show availability of social names? (this is something I think that Startup Validator does that not many others I've seen do!) others that do… See more
Cameron Rohani
I'd be a bit heart broken if any startup paid asking price for most of these names 😨. Surely you'll find far better deals at flippa https://flippa.com/domains/, or by calling up the owner of a domain name that you really want. I quite like the idea of a pricing plan, but their mark ups make it so not worth it.
Jonathan Tavarez
@jon_tavarez · Founder, Vantage Internet Group
I will take this opportunity to self-promote some domains for startups: Founders.net Venue.org Bullhorn.org Task.co Vibrate.net jellyfish.org peptides.net neuro.net
The Wearist
@wearist · All Things Wearable Tech
Allan Yarmulnik
@allany888 · Mobile lead, Talkspace
$5k for FanClub.co or GrandCentral.co? I understand .com TLD but once your out of the .com I don't see the premium for those names. Anyone want to weigh in?