A boutique to find the perfect music for your video projects

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I'll be listening to their Beats + Blips station all morning today. Thanks, @syswarren! P.S. for those looking for original music/sounds for their podcast/show/whatever, check out SoundBetter (over 110 upvotes right now). cc @shachargilad
Hey guys, I've been working on a video recently and I needed a sound (that didn't suck). I knew Marmoset because of its design and I recently tested the product as a customer. They have lots of beautiful musics, the search tool is really interesting and they are really nice! :)
Thanks Ryan. I love the design of Marmoset. Beautiful music too. I see potential for collaboration actually. You can definitely find someone who will produce original music for you on But our main focus now is helping recording musicians (which is most musicians these days) finish what they start. So many musicians hit a wall after recording, since that's just the first step in the process of finishing a song. They can find the right professionals on SoundBetter to help them get to a finished product and, well, sound better.
If you're interested in more info, I wrote about Marmoset last year as a way independent musicians are making it without relying on streaming or downloads
congratulations this is absolutely divine!