Discover weather, tides and moon, like never before

Marline is weather, tides and moon calendar app

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Hello ProductHunt! Discover weather, tides and moon wherever you are, as never before. Features: - Hourly weather - 7 days forecast - Tides - Moon calendar - Moon and Sun rise & set - Dynamic weather changes - Sea, rain, snow, stars and falling stars physics simulation - Simple gesture-based design to explore the app - Quick access with 3D Touch Marline has been crafted focused on little details and simplicity, but would be better if you help me with your feedback or suggestions.
@dobleperez this is beautiful. I love the design and selection of information — my only request would be to add information about how high/low the tides are in relation to average.
@alexdbauer I have the tide height value from the API so on next updates, I will add it. Thanks!
@dobleperez @alexdbauer which API are you using? ?
@evivz @alexdbauer yes. You can see the app credits going to bottom section (city selection) and swiping up
The gestures are nearly identical to Solar's, I'm guessing that was one of your main inspirations? How does your app improve on the experience outside of offering more information?
@bryantpeng Yes, I have a lot of inspirational inputs. Solar is one of them. Rise, Haze are others. I've done the app focused on gestures so you can get a lot of info just swiping or tapping with a finger. Let me know your experience using the app if you try it.
Looks beautiful! You should consider making a port for Andriod Wear. A watch face would be amazing.
@aamerjomaa that would be fantastic. On near future I will release the watch version. Thanks!
Do you have a video of what the gestures are and how the simulations behave?