Convert image to text and hear it read to you with AI.

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I love this. I recently discovered a volunteer community that transcribes and describes the content of images posted on Reddit. It warms my heart to see so many initiatives to make the web and the world more accessible.
@anthilemoon Thank you! I would love any feedback on how it could make it even easier.
@tomcoomer I have a Pixel so unfortunately can't try it. Looking forward to the Android version!
When is the Android version coming out?
@basictechy I am currently working to improve and add more features to the iOS version but I am planning to build Marley for Android too.
Marley is your personal reading assistant. Just take a photo of some text or upload one from your photo library and instantly hear it read to you out loud. If you do not want to hear it out loud, Marley displays the text from the page in a large, thick font with high contrast, making reading the text easier or just possible.