Collect feedback on digital projects right in the browser.

MarkUp adds a layer to local, staged, or hosted web pages that allows you to drop pins, leave notes, and otherwise collaborate with teammates on digital projects.

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This would be a helpful to integrate with Optimizely. :)
@joecasson cool idea! Will definitely explore it
Looks interesting. How do you differ from Pastel? (
@alastair_budge Thanks for the feedback Alastair! We really like Pastel's crisp, clean UI! It looks like we're trying to tackle the same problem, but a few key differences: 1. Our goal is to bridge the gap between developers and non-technical folks. So our "Pro" tier offers the ability to edit HTML, CSS, and JS in real time. We will continue building features to support this relationship between the developer and the client, whereas Pastel seems focused only on leaving comments. 2. They're very expensive. We will have a free tier forever - we want to build something useful that small-time freelancers can use at no cost.
Was actually looking for a service like this four days ago, and could not find it, så glad to see this here. But it's annoying that I can pin comments wherever I want, only in the top left corner of each div. This will make this difficult for my clients to use and understand. Pastel mentioned here allows pins to be posted wherever. But they are a bit expensive.
@eivindml thanks for sharing! We will work incorporate this
Hey, just discovered your product but nothing appears to be working. Tried creating an account - 500 error. Tried loading a sample web page - nothing happens. :-( Are you still working on this product?