Mark your reading progress in articles for later

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Hi everyone! I created this extension. Will be more than happy to answer your questions. Daniel
@dsternlicht thanks for sharing your work! Could you please share why you solved this particular problem? I'm wondering if you are seeing people actually go back and continue reading? Personal experience... After trying ReadItLater and other tools I'm finding @SoundGecko the most useful. Very different product but seems to solve a similar itch for me? Thanks.
@SoundGecko @lekanb It's actually a funny story. I thought about it while reading a very long article about development on Smashing Magazine. I was concentrating on reading the article when suddenly my wife called me to help her out with something. When I wanted to go back to the article I already needed to catch a train to work. To make a long story short, I thought it could be nice to continue reading the same article from the exact spot I left on mobile, and then in work (on another machine I'm using). I got a lot of great feedback about this product, other people (than me) find it very useful too :) Of course, unlike 'Save for later' or 'Pocket', this product is very align for online content consumers.
@dsternlicht Love the personal story. Thanks for sharing context. Wonder if a 'nudge me in X days' feature would be helpful. Thanks for responding.
@dsternlicht This is amazing stuff man! Any chance you'll be making this an extension for iOS I'd love to make it an official extension in Quest!
@lekanb Sounds like a good feature! Added to my TODO list :)
Neat extension indeed. How do you solve the sharing issue though? If I want to save an article to read it later, I use Pocket. Your extension seems really useful in case of a collective box where a community could share what all of its members read (and highlight). Interested to have your thoughts on this ;)
@s_guigue That's an interesting idea! Another direction I thought about is for students. Think about student who should write a big work or an article, and can mark paragraph with Markticle, and then just combine them all into one document!
As part of his Built in Public project, @ZackShapiro had some interesting thoughts on Read-it-Later:
@ZackShapiro @thomasmeagher Added to my read list in Markticle :) Thanks!
@thomasmeagher thanks for the link Tom
This is interesting. So you're not handling any of the saving for later, just the highlighting and storing of the fragments you highlight. Are you saving the location on the page that I got to for future reference too? That'd be really handy
@zackshapiro Yes, of course, I'm saving both URL and the text you marked. I'm not saving the location in terms of "location on the page", because I want to support responsive design and mobile.
@dsternlicht Is this meant to be a Pocket substitution or an add-on? Should I keep saving into Pocket or save into Markticle?
@zackshapiro I want to say "use Markticle", but it's very oriented to articles reading, while pocket is useful the same way bookmarks are useful - to save any website.
I love this! Just downloaded and added to chrome.