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#3 Product of the DayApril 12, 2016
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Well, the idea is awesome, but you guys need to improve the logo designs, they look like Word Art from an old MS Office. Keep improving and the product will become great!
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@gabrielreynard I find it already super useful, provided you give it 5 minutes to be refined. For sure, I won't just download a logo and use it in one of my main products, I prefer to go through lengthy chat with a logo designer for that. But it does a super good job at getting an idea about what you want. And for side projects where you're not ready to pay for a logo, it's a very good kickstart, even if you prefer to change it a bit after download ; it's provided as svg so you can just do that.
@gabrielreynard I see this as a tool to get a rough idea for a logo or look for inspiration. Not to use the logos as the main product.
Okay playing with this for a couple minutes and I've already fallen in love! Way better than my old logo designer:
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Does this mean Product Hunt may get inspired out of the Parking Sign?? 🅿️✊
I hate these things.
This works surprisingly well, good job.