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Yo Product Hunt! I was recently inspired by all of the great posts and essays about marketplaces on Twitter, so I began building a list with some of my favorites. Since I thought these might be helpful for others that are interested in marketplaces, I spent about 30 minutes and used @ajlkn to build a Marketplace Stash. Think @bramk Startups Stash, but for marketplaces. You’ll find posts, essays, articles, and even videos on the following: ✅Idea Stage ✅Pre-Validating Marketplace Ideas ✅Building A Marketplace MVP ✅Marketplace Launch ✅Building Supply & Demand ✅Marketplace Business Models ✅Scaling Marketplaces and more.. I also made a category for marketplace tools 🛠️ I’ll continue to add resources to this today and if you have anything that I should add to it, please just comment below and let me know so that I can add it! PS: Thanks to @andrewchen @dave_lu @jamescurrier @swaaanson @aiyer and others that have written some amazing posts recently that inspired this.
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