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#2 Product of the DayMarch 24, 2020
Take a scientific approach to your content instead. Our deep learning and artificial neural networks are constantly analyzing the competitive landscape to uncover key insights and opportunities for content creation and optimization.
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We want to welcome you to MarketMuse Pro. This product harnesses the incredible power of MarketMuse Suite and boils it down into the essential portions for small and medium businesses to succeed in content marketing and strategy. MarketMuse Pro provides crucial insights into what and when to write, shaves hours of time off your research process, and shows you how to create predictably better content than your competitors. The power of an enterprise product packaged for everyday businesses. Content will always be a great way to reach customers and widen your funnel to grow your business today. Save time and streamline your process with MarketMuse. We have Noah, Aki, and Jeff standing by to answer any questions you might have about MarketMuse Pro.
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These guys are so good at this. Tough time to launch a product, but this one is absolutely worth checking out.
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@crestodina Thanks Andy! It's a great time for content. A lot of people are working remote, so they're reading and writing. Perfect time for some AI-led assistance!
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How long and how much is the free trial good for?
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@basicbonsai the trial is not time limited, but limited by actions. In every trial you currently get 7 queries (a research, compete or optimize "report"), a trial content inventory and a MarketMuse Content Brief. However long it takes you to consume all of that content marketing gold is up to you.
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@basicbonsai @gentle the automated content briefs are smoking πŸ”₯!
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@hamletbatista thank you! We devoted a lot of time to this experience!
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What year is it – 3020? This tech is from the future. Ai driven insights on content strategy is very exciting. What's even more amazing is how accessible it is for non-enterprise businesses. Could you provide a case study of how one of your customers has used Market Muse with success?
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@austindistel Absolutely! Check out all of our case studies at: My personal favorite is the Social Media Sharks + TomorrowSleep case study, since we show a site grow 100X, from 4k inbounds leads/mo to 400k inbounds within a year
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Love this team! @akibalogh is a machine! πŸ‘πŸ»
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@absurdlab Thanks Pablo! You are. I thought about you when I used HotelTonight yesterday. And I used Drift today -- so your work has made quite the impact on me!
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