Conversion Rate Optimization Tool

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I am here, shoot me with questions if you want! ;)
@valentinradu why you guys - how do you compare with other CRO tools?
@eriktorenberg First, is not just a single tool: It's a complete platform with 3 different tools under the same roof. Compared with Optimizely&VWO - besides what they have, we give you the ability to target based on the weather conditions of the user (snowing, raining, 40 degrees, etc) Compared with Qualaroo - you have the ability to negotiate with the visitors (predefined scenarios): to capture qualified leads and to trigger interactions based on their answers or redirect the respondents to specific landing pages Compared to Bounce Exchange - advanced segmentation, ready2use templates + our web personalization tool allows any marketer to trigger AB test different creatives (pop-ups, ribbons, etc) based on behavior: on-exit intent, on scroll, on load or on specific actions - such as having product >1000 eur on the cart for ecommerce or onmouse over the biggest account on SaaS pricing pages On top of these, it's really affordable and you don't have to wait for 3 different services to load, because in this manner your page speed decreases and your conversion rate is affected. Hope that's enough to consider it :)