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My first Product Hunt launch, on my birthday :)! Thanks @bramk Marketing Stack is a curated directory of marketing resources and tools (inspired by Startup Stash). There are currently 28 categories with around 260 resources/tools that cover a few key areas of marketing; Analytics, Content Marketing, Collaboration, Automation, Customer Experience and Miscellaneous (blogs, PR, newsletters, link shorteners etc). In each category, there is a maximum of ten resources that have been curated by me. The resources and tools have their logo, quick description and link to their site however, they are not in any particular oder! When looking for marketing resources and tools, there are so many to filter through. After seeing how useful Startup Stash (and also Makerbook) is, there needed to be something similar for marketing. This is the MVP and I am always looking to tweak from the feedback of others so please feel free  Shoutout to @mubashariqbal for dev help and @danielkempe for design help! Thanks!
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@bentossell Happy birthday, Ben! Love the stack. :)
@v4violetta @bentossell thank you Violetta!
Wow this is awesome! Thanks @bentossell and happy bday!
@thenotoriousgbb @bentossell thank you, glad you like it :)
@bentossell Happy Bday Ben :)
After Makerbook, The Weed Stash and Template Stash, here’s yet another Startup Stash inspired site! This time by @bentossell and @mubashariqbal - for marketers. Oh, and happy bday Ben! 🎉🎉
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@bramk Thanks!!!
Had fun working on this with @bentossell, and what a cool birthday present!
@bentossell @mubashariqbal What's happened to this site?
@bentossell @richp_ It was sold a couple of years ago, not sure what the new owners are doing now.
@richp_ @mubashariqbal yeah what mubs said, was sold.
@bentossell @mubashariqbal Congrats! I'm sure someone could rebuild it...if they had a spare few months 😉

Seems the idea died out.


Great idea


Link doesn't work anymore

Thanks for mentioning http://www.pexels.com as a free stock photo resource. We also provide free videos. You might want to add https://videos.pexels.com to your videos section.
@ingojoseph good point! will re-consider that :)