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Hey PHers In this podcast Eric and I talk about why personal branding is one of the strongest and most important things that you can be spending your time, energy and money on. We talk about how to build your audience, grow your brand and establish lasting relationships. Enjoy!
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AnnetteB2B Digital Strategist
@neilpatel Great job on laying out the fundamentals to personal branding. Your handle and name appeared in my feed before but it didn't click till I saw this podcast. This piece just happened to land on my lap at the right time. It shed a lot of light on what the tips and tricks are to growing your network, especially since a lot were like "omg that makes so much sense! Why didn't I think of that?!" so it was great to hear it through my headphones from another person. Thanks for the insight and I'll be living semi-vicariously through your journey of continued success. :-).