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Big fan of this podcast. listening at 2x speed your done in about 2 minutes
@dredurr How do you listen to it at 2x speed?
@mrdjswan If you have the iPhone Podcast app, I just speed it up. The Overcast podcast player has a 3x option. There should be a "1" in the bottom corner. Just keep hitting it and it will speed up It's best to listen with headphones on. Once you get past everything sounding like chipmunks. You will love getting through on quickly:-)
Hey PHers In this podcast Eric and Neil teach you how to market ANY product without any funding. Get your product out there and generate more traffic without spending a dime. Enjoy!
Loving this podcast. It's chock-full of actionable marketing tactics that work and the episodes are bite-sized enough so you can snack on quick tips daily.
One of the most concise podcasts with full of frugal ways to market your Startup. Thanks Neil & Eric.
Excellent advice.