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Hey PHers In this episode Eric and I talk about how to get a job in marketing. Specifically, we talk about what we look for when hire marketing professionals. Hint - forget about sending out resumes and try to put yourself in the employer's shoes. Enjoy
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Marcos OrtizCloud Data Engineer by day | Podcaster
@neilpatel Amazing hint. Do the job before the job !!! I followed this advice some months ago, and I obtained my current job as Product Manager. And I applied it again, and I got a new role with a bigger responsability (Product development and Product Marketing for a new platform called @MyPaladar). So, this is not only for Marketing pros, this advice could apply to anyone interested to gain a new job in a new company: Think like an employee of the organization, feel its challenges/issues/worries and work in a real and an SMART Marketing Plan for them. You will jump to the ship quickly.