Marketing School - How to Cut Your Facebook Advertising Costs

Talking CTR, images, relevance score and much more


Sanjay Kumar Negi
@sanjaynegi94 · CEO, TechPingu
atul verma
Very nice Podcast, guys i am so tempted to say that we have also been trying to solve this optimization problem at adalyz for some time now. We show the importance of placements, age groups and location to improve your advertising campaign.
Hicham Amine
@hicham_amine · Head of Growth, Hidden Founders
Hey guys, thanks for the valuable sharing. One question: Is there a regularity of podcasts like these and how we should be notified about them? Thank you!
Yvonne Ivanescu
Hey PHers In this podcast Neil and Eric talk about how to cut your Facebook advertising costs, talking about CTR, images, relevance score and much more. Best advice from the podcast: don't look for the cheapest clicks, target the right people - your ideal buyer. Enjoy!
Rishabh Bose
@rishabh_bose · Maker - Kukie Bot.
Great Podcast. :D Thank you....