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This is such a great idea! I truly believe in the power of lead magnets. @ericcozart where did that idea come from? Who do you see as your ideal customer?
@gregoiregilbert Thanks for hunting us! A real honor to be here. Basically I wanted to see if a product could be built with the help of my podcast audience. I put out the call and they jumped at the chance! It was basically one huge case study to see if all the "talk" on a podcast could be put to action. We chose "lead magnets" because Digital Marketing is growing like crazy, and building Landing Pages is super easy, BUT if you're not a designer, a nice looking Ebook, Checklist, Resource Guide or Whitepaper is difficult to create. So we wanted to make it as simple as building a landing page. You Download a template, Add your copy, Save as PDF. That's it!
I've gotta tell you, @gregoiregilbert Eric was an absolute delight to work with. The second he told me about this idea and how he wanted a copywriter to collaborate with, I *had* to get on board for the copy. Well, that and the $1M cheque he promised me .. which I'm still waiting for .. (OK, I'M KIDDING ABOUT THE CHEQUE (also: I'm English, hence *cheque*))
A huge honor to be here! I am of course happy to answer any and all questions. All Hunters can save 25% using PH25 at checkout as well.
I have literally been waiting since @ericcozart starting talking about this. I feel sorry for my bank account.
@nicholosberry Ah Thanks Nick!
While I think this is a fantastic idea (I'm a marketer with design skills) I don't think the pricepoint justifies the design IMO. Perhaps for very small businesses looking to generate some inbound traffic via resource assets, but the designs would need to be a bit more polished for me to spend that much on a single design asset. (But again - I have design skills so I'm likely not your target market)
@stttories Thanks for the feedback! While I completely understand it, keep in mind it's built as a marketplace and these are the seed templates we launched with. Hopefully designers like you.. would be willing to create awesome templates and sell them for whatever you think is appropriate :)
Designs are pretty weak currently, hopefully we'll see more talent here if this grows. Good luck Eric!
@lkr Thank you for checking it out! We want to ensure designers are treated fairly. The first 21 days of every new template they upload they keep 100% of the profits (only less CC fees) and after that it's a simple 50/50 split. They will be the lifeblood of our Marketplace for sure!