Marketing Gigs

A collection of the best marketing jobs in tech and startups

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Nikhil V.
Hello ProductHunt! Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of boards for jobs in development and design, but just didn’t find any that focused only on quality marketing jobs. That's where Marketing Gigs steps in. Every week you’ll see the best marketing jobs in Tech and Startups. You can find a live feed of all the jobs on Twitter @marketinggigsco and get a weekly update by subscribing to our newsletter. Marketing professionals, make sure to subscribe to the newsletter and keep an eye out, we might have more on the way... 😺 Tell us what you think!
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Kiki Schirr / 史秀玉
Founder, WeKiki Video Chat Platform
I like the simple design of Marketing Gig's repository, and am impressed by the cool jobs collected there. It really is a list of the very best tech and startup marketing jobs, curated for our convenience!
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Super excited to announce this with @techvoltz! It was a lot of fun building this project!
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Tyler Swartz
product at reddit and maker of things
@techvoltz @kaufmanhenry - Congrats on the launch! What are the attributes of a startup or position that would meet your criteria and be included?
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@tylerswartz @techvoltz Hey Tyler! At the moment, we're not looking for any specific attributes of a position. If it fits in the realm of a "marketing job," feel free to submit it!
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Cameron BarabanProduct nerd & Co-Founder of Ignition90
The simplicity works here! No clutter like on other job sites. Would be interesting to allow users to filter jobs based on their self-identified qualifications. For instance... if you have 10 years of experience, a bachelor's degree, etc. -- select those characteristics and see what jobs you qualify for.
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@cameron_baraban Yeah, I totally agree. @techvoltz and I are already planning on adding filtering in the future, so this will definitely be on the list. 😄
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