Marketing for Product People

Launch your digital product with confidence

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Justin Jackson
If you make stuff, you can probably identify with @sachagreif here: "What scares everyone is releasing something and nobody buys it." After I wrote a lot of non-engineers contacted me and asked if I could re-write the book for them. So I did! It's designed to help product people (like you) launch more confidently. There's a 20% off launch sale on now (until Feb 13th). (BTW - here are some reader reviews)
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David WippelCEO @
I am a die hard fan of marketing for developers and i think the rewrite for non-devs is worth every dollar!
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Harald FrankMake things happen
Great practical guide to market your products! I will apply that step-by-step approach on my new project I currently work on -
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Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
Very cool. Instant buy for me. About to do some heavy marketing for and could use the knowledge.
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I've just finished reading this book - it is excellent. Justin breaks down what you need to do and how. It's absolutely perfect to learn the majority of what's required when marketing your products.
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