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After writing the book, the number one request from readers was to have step-by-step video tutorials. I created 11 videos that cover the Lean Marketing Stack: Segment, Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and more. I also did 12 video interviews with folks like @destraynor, @thedannorris, @limedaring, @sachagreif, and @brenanndunn. This is all packaged in a complete collection that includes the book, code samples, and worksheets. Product Hunters get a special deal here.
@mijustin damn Justin, you're killing it man. You're making the rest of us look bad :)
An awesome overview of what is arguably the hardest part of growing any business
It's cool to learn about marketing from a developer, I always wanted to understand what happens after the product launch, how sometimes really bad interfaces & functionalities sometimes beats a good, fast, and bug-free ones.
@themsaid yes! The best designed (or best engineered) apps don't always win. The products that win are usually the ones who: 1. Best understand their audience's pain. 2. Are able to articulate that pain, and the solution, clearly. 3. Are able to amplify their message so that their audience notices it. 4. Have a system for attracting, guiding and converting new leads.
Having read the book, I think video walk-throughs are an awesome idea! Good job sir!
I follow the podcast! Awesome to see this online, excited to get the inside look back on the show!