Marketing for Developers 2.0

A book for programmers who want to learn marketing


Marketing for Developers is a book that helps programmers build, launch, and get their first 100 customers. Tired of making apps that no one wants? Join 5,000+ readers and learn the basics of marketing software products.

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Justin Jackson
Antonio Rosado
John Siwicki
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  • Pros: 

    It is very targeted and speaks to developers who want to take that next step


    In v1 of the book I was wanted more info about choosing a market and getting in front of them. I think it's covered in v2 (still reading it)

    I'm using Justin's approach as I build my side hustle and it has really helped me get clear on what I'm doing.

    Also, I met Justin at a conference this year and he is just as cool and genuine in person as he his in the book.

  • Mark Horgan
    Mark HorganCreator of Protowire

    Provides just the information you need to launch an indie software product


    You have to do the work

    I found the course more useful than the book, though it might be an idea to get the book first to see if it's relevant to your needs.

  • Miguel Piedrafita
    Miguel Piedrafita16-year-old maker.

    It helps developers like me that don't know anything about marketing.


    I really couldn't find everything bad ;)

    The first book was awesome, the laracon talk also was, and I'm starting to think everything Justin does is worthy just because he made it.

  • Max Pshenichnikov
    Max PshenichnikovIndie developer making business apps

    Clear message, narrow audience, deep understanding of the audience alongside with excellent content inside Justin's course.


    Teaser video on PH is not catchy enough

    Justin supports me (I'm a developer) in my path to abandon my job, launch a business and live on my own terms

  • Attila Fulop
    Attila FulopCreator of

    Targets developers, has actionable items via workbooks which were being reviewed and commented by Justin!


    I can't tell so far (I'm at ~20% in the course)

    In my reading it follows the principles of the big classic "Lean Startup" in a practical manner.