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#1 Product of the DaySeptember 09, 2017

Marketing for Developers is a book that helps programmers build, launch, and get their first 100 customers. Tired of making apps that no one wants? Join 5,000+ readers and learn the basics of marketing software products.

  • Pros: 

    It is very targeted and speaks to developers who want to take that next step


    In v1 of the book I was wanted more info about choosing a market and getting in front of them. I think it's covered in v2 (still reading it)

    I'm using Justin's approach as I build my side hustle and it has really helped me get clear on what I'm doing.

    Also, I met Justin at a conference this year and he is just as cool and genuine in person as he his in the book.

  • Mark Horgan
    Mark HorganCreator of Protowire

    Provides just the information you need to launch an indie software product


    You have to do the work

    I found the course more useful than the book, though it might be an idea to get the book first to see if it's relevant to your needs.

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Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
Hello! I'm back with a second edition of the Marketing for Developers book! (Product Hunters can get $10 off by using this coupon) Since I initially published it in 2015, it's sold over 5,000+ copies. Here's what's new: - A new chapter on "Choosing the right market" for your product - A new chapter on "Why customers buy products" (Jobs to be Done) - A new chapter on SEO for SaaS and software products. (One of the most important marketing channels) - Updates on all the existing chapters: new screenshots, improving readability, and removing old material - A new case study on Adam Wathan's $100k launch I hope you enjoy it! (BTW - I'm doing an AMA on IndieHackers here)
Niti Shah
Niti Shah@niti_shah · Growth @ HubSpot for Startups
@mijustin love this!! would love to collaborate.
Edward Tay
Edward Tay@iamedwardtay · Digital marketer, Data scientist
is this like, the reverse of
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@iamedwardtay lol. @jwmares and I were both speaking at conference in Austin and we laughed about that. Yes, essentially it is the reverse. ;)
Vitor@vitorspencer · Webvocate
A great resource and guide for developers! Justin has an unique way to explain product and marketing management, and understands developers like no other product manager. The Marketing for Developers is a no-brainer, a must!
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@vitorspencer thanks so much for the kind words!
John David Back
John David Back@johndavidback · General Manager, Alchemy @ P&G
Marketing for Developers is great. And Justin is awesome. When I was a broke startup bootstrapper, he helped me out.
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@johndavidback ;) Glad I could help!
Louis Grenier
Louis Grenier@louisslices · Content Lead @Hotjar
Justin is an expert in his craft, which is helping developers to become indie hackers and sell , sell, sell. What I found the most interesting about Justin's approach is that he advocates for developers to "get out the building", talk to people, and learn about their market this way. Justin is also a really, really nice guy. I've interviewed him for my podcast Everyone Hates Marketers (https://everyonehatesmarketers.c...) and I learned a lot - so will you! Buy his book :)
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonMaker@mijustin · ⚡️
@louisslices thanks! Your podcast has been one of my favorite interviews this year.