Marketing for Developers

A guide to marketing your software, apps, & digital products

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While working at startups, writing my blog, and hosting podcasts, people kept asking me this question: "I just launched my app. How do I get users?" After months of work, I'm finally launching Marketing for Developers. It's videos, a handbook, and other resources that teach the product marketing process. I made it specifically for people in these three stages: 1. Developers who want to build a product, but haven't found an idea. 2. Developers who are building a product, but haven't yet launched. 3. Developers who have launched, and are looking for their first 100 customers. If that's you, you might like it. ;) (Oh, Product Hunters get a special deal here, here, and here)
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@mijustin Yo Justin, this book is awesome. I just shared some notes on how I'm using it to market my startup - There's so much practical stuff to pick up from your book that I'm sure I'll write up more notes as I go along!
Congrats on the launch, Justin! You know what I find really impressive and encouraging is how long it's taken you to release this. I'm really bad at staying patient with my ideas and chipping away at them. I lose interest too quickly. So it's great to see someone keep at it for months and ship a solid product.
I was a (lucky) beta reader of this and I really enjoyed the content. Very actionable as usual with Justin. Good job releasing @mijustin :)
We've just finished our self-inflicted 'learning to launch' program, where we launched six projects in six months to kick us out of the failing to launch cycle. Now, having done that, we're at the stage of launching a startup, one we'll run with and put everything into to scale into a business, our business. So for us, this timing is perfect. I've been listening to Justin's podcast, Product People, for a few years now and it's one of the key factors in where I am today, it really inspired me to knuckle down and do something. I've been tracking this book whilst Justin's been working on it for a while. For us we're in stage 1, soon to be in stage 2 and hope to be in stage 3 within 3-6 months. Simply put, if this books anything as good as the value I got from the podcasts then it's a no brainer. Count me in. p.s. I know we shouldn't, but I do judge books by their cover, and the verdict's good 👍
This book just makes sense. Marketing is often an undiscovered country for developers. I got a copy of the book as early as possible. I love how clean the explanations are,...some even fighting off what devs habitually do (and thus make mistakes). I just wish I had this book years ago.