DropDesk is a digital marketing agency created specifically to help coworking and commercial real-estate companies effectively market and manage their operations.
We offer software, marketing services and more.
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The story: I founded a coworking space based on Long Island, NY (Bridgeworks Long Beach). After Hurricane Sandy, Long Beach was completely destroyed. The community needed places to work and a place to collaborate. We built our space and community from the ground up. While running and operating Bridgeworks, our team realized that most tools available to coworking spaces were subpar, expensive and did not really cover the important ideologies of a space. We built DropDesk to solve these pain-points. Our goal is to create the best toolkit for coworking owners and founders under one portal. Happy less stressed owners = more time for community and what makes a space special. Where we are currently and how to get involved: We are operating a private beta of the platform (version 1). If interested, reach out to hello@dropdesk.io. We are looking to build a community of influencers/operators who can help us take our vision to the next level. For those who get involved early, we will keep you on a FREE FOREVER membership as a thank you.
Great job !! 😊
@ayush_chandra, Thank you appreciate the support!
Great concept, kinda like airbnb for coworking space, but with the added benefit of a management platform? Openspace was a similar concept that ended up shutting down (https://www.producthunt.com/post...). Might be a good idea to connect with the makers to see if there are any pitfalls they could give you a headsup around :)
@hudsonkent, not a bad idea! Yes, our concept is to take care of the venue owners by allowing them to focus on building their community. Our platform uses a CMS that is currently in beta, but we will be updating the site soon with V2. We are adding a bunch of awesome tools soon!
I like idea, but missing LA spaces.
@sawinyh, good feedback. We actually are conducting a private beta. Once we clear issues and take some feedback from the spaces we are working with, we will be expanding everywhere we can!