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Run any Twitter handle and find their most engaged followers

#3 Product of the DayMay 13, 2014
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Hit me up here for questions- happy to show the tool to people here if they want to see... throw out a handle and I'll run it :) Just not ready to handle the biebs or handles over 1M yet.
Have plenty of use cases for this. Would love to see what shows up for @chaoticmoon.
Woot. Hey @alwaysunday just ran that account and Top 5 MVF's are: 1) @iamwill 2) @EA 3) @usairforce 4) @whitesox 5) @MarielHemingway
Hey AJT, how about @trywildcard? :)
ha @ryandawidjan you can just log in- but running right now