Market Intelligence API

Find competitors, identify prospects, research new markets

The Market Intelligence API helps you and your customers discover company lookalikes and provides full-text search across company websites. Integrate it into your applications or market research workflows to help your customers understand their target markets.
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The Market Intelligence API was born out of necessity during Automata's years operating as a marketing services company. A year ago we decided to package up some of the internal tools that have powered many of our white-glove marketing campaigns for companies of all types from Fortune 100 enterprise tech to small startups. From understanding the competitive landscape related to specific companies and product suites to building target audiences for outbound sales campaigns, these tools have proved to be invaluable and we are excited to share them with other potential users. All of our tools are built on a powerful full-text search engine that only considers content published by companies themselves. Learn more here. Let us know what you think and we are excited to share the rest of our products with you! Feel free to get in touch at andrew[at] or on Twitter @byautomata.