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Thanks @mager For hunting us! It’s been over 3 years since we launched our first product on PH, back when 100 votes got you to the top and @rrhoover emailed you personally to check in on how it impacted your site. How things have changed here and with Beyond Pricing! We’re super excited about our new feature, Market Data. WHY WE BUILT MARKET DATA When we built Beyond Pricing, which was the first automated dynamic pricing engine for Airbnb and vacation rentals, one of the things we innovated on, that didn’t really exist with similar software for the hotel and airline space, was a quick hover-over on each day of recommended prices, to show the breakdown of exactly what factors were contributing to our price recommendations (things like seasonality, day of week, major events, etc). We wanted to remove the black box a bit from why we were telling you to, for instance, triple prices for November 6th-9th in San Francisco (a little event called Dreamforce). However, even though that gave folks a bit more confidence, we wanted to remove the veil even more and truly democratize the data behind the pricing. And that’s why we created Market Data Market Data lets anyone, whether they use our automated pricing solution or not, see exactly what’s happening around their exact Airbnb or VRBO listing, in terms of key demand and supply trends like occupancy, similar listing pricing, and even hotel pricing. And we wanted to make it free. We think that access to this kind of information will help Airbnb hosts and vacation rental owners and managers make more informed decisions in general and help better price their places. And more rational pricing helps everyone in the market. Most vacation rental owners and even property managers are tiny compared to their counterparts in the hotel space. They have traditionally been at a significant disadvantage when it came to having the resources to compete. We’re hoping by making Market Data free and available to everyone, it will democratize the data a bit and help the small guy compete. We’d love you to check it out and ask us questions and give us suggestions! Is there anything you’d like to see in addition or anything we could improve? Thanks! Ian, CEO
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@mager @rrhoover also, big shout out to @newbergnate who is the awesome engineer on our team who did all the real work. Awesome first product build for you!
Thank you for posting! The team worked really hard on this and we’re all around answering questions today. :) Thanks @mager for the hunt!
Hey Ian - This looks awesome! Is this something real estate investors could use before they buy a vacation rental property? We're spending more time in that world and it seems tough to get good data.
@ray_sturm Thanks! Great question and we get that a lot. Right now, the product is tailored just for existing vacation rental owners (you need to connect your Airbnb or HomeAway account to view the Market Data). We could definitely open it up to everyone by letting them just input a potential address or zip code where they're looking to buy and show them the data around that exact location. Stay tuned!
Awesome Airbnb / STR folks are always hungry for detail in the horrible fuzz that is Airbnb's inability to provide reliable data. 😏 I've spread this like sexy data herpes across a range of Airbnb Hosting Communities I'm involved in across Zuckerbergland. Here comes the horde! 😉
@snakecharmer love it! Free data for all!
indispensable for hosts!
@olofster thanks, Olof!