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I like this quite a bit, I've been looking for a way to remember places I go, @thetylerhayes always says 'just use foursquare' but something about Marker makes me more interested in it.
@thetylerhayes @willimholte yeah, we speak with a lot of people about how they use Foursquare or Yelp to remember places; I think those curation features end up feeling secondary in both products. Whether to-dos or bookmarks, they end up as static lists that quickly get stale. I think there's a huge missed opportunity to collaborate with friends through those places that speak to you. A key part of Marker is being able to 're-mark' places from your friends' collections so you can build off of their experiences and discover your common ground. That way you're not listing to-dos, you're building a living travel guide for (and with) the people you care about.
I recently deleted Swarm off my phone because it felt too sterile, distracting, and overall not adding anything to my life. I was getting just check-ins and no personal context from my friends. With Marker I can see what my friends appreciated about a place, their photo, and mark if I want to go there as well. It's everything I want about new places discovery: human touch and great location data. Marker also takes the place of Yelp bookmarks for me :)
Love what you guys are doing!
@FrankThousand thanks! We want to provide a simpler, more personal way to share local advice, something which reflects the way people communicate in real life. I hope you discover some remarkable places!
Thanks @bosefina! Well put :) We want to help friends share the highlights they'd tell you about if they were standing right next to you. I think it's a lot more valuable to know "here's where I'd want to go if I were in Hayes Valley..." rather than a ping every morning you're at the same cafe ;)
Neat. I use Foursquare's To-Do list for this.