Marker.io for Slack

Turn screenshots into Slack messages - now free ✌️

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Gary Gaspar
@garygaspar · CEO
Hey hunters, Our goal with Marker.io has always been to help as many professionals as possible to communicate better using the power of visual communication. Introducing a free plan for our smart screenshot tool seemed like the next logical thing to do to reach as many people as possible Here is a list of all the new free features that were previously r… See more
Kevin Joling
@kevin_joling · Maker of DESTIGOGO.com
Great tool! We use it at https://destigogo.com to report bugs and UI fixes in Trello. Keep up the good work guys :)
Ruggiero Vincenzo
@vincenzor · Founder @prospectio
We use Marker everyday at Prospect.io. The tool is great and the team behind it is just perfect👌 Keep the good work guys!
Thomas Ketchell
@tomketch · CEO, Sutori
Happy to see all these free features and a closer integration with Slack. We use Marker to report bugs to our tech team. Highly recommend for small teams!
Adam Cellary
@acellary · I love to engage in crazy projects!
We're using Slack A LOT and actually I was looking forward to get a product like this! My desktop is filled in one-time "Screensshots" and i really hate it.. not any more! :) BTW. Can I fin you in Slack Marketplace? It might be great for you if you'd be featured there.